10 Jun 2011

nuts, variety

I have now in my possession a gun, a big one. Not the killing kind, more of the lighting kind. It's been two months or so since I bought a Nikon SB 900. But I haven't used it to it's full potential as a lighting tool the way the pro's do. I am now on getting-to-know-how-to-use-it-properly stage and reading a bunch of stuff at Strobist among others.

A few newbie attempts at this art. Flash is on Manual @ 1/16. Shutter speed @1/250, F-stop @1.8 for shallow Depth of Field. ISO 200 or around that neighborhood.

Here's a little more experimenting. The idea is from my brother, we lit the scene with a mobile phone led lamp(Nokia 5800) only. I hand-held my camera while he started moving his phone and lighting the nuts all through the ten seconds exposure. F-stop @ 16, ISO 100. Interestingly enough this is what was achieved:

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