27 Jun 2011

steel chairs

had the chance to do some (somewhat)street photography. in a conservative locale like sharjah, it is not "normal" to randomly take photos. maybe it's just me but i don't see much people doing the same.

24 Jun 2011


a rare cloudy summer sunset with the sun basking in orange glow here in sharjah, U.A.E.

22 Jun 2011

Kodak Instamatic

The real thing. Not some iPhone app thing. Taken with my Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone. It's selling for Aed450 or $122 at the local souvenir shop.

20 Jun 2011

subtle light

our moon has been a "star" this year. being in its closest to earth, therefore visually bigger, just recently in march and now the longest lunar eclipse.

this was taken days before the eclipse.

and this the red moon. it don't look red enough since it is just beginning to eclipse(can i use the word as such?)

10 Jun 2011

nuts, variety

I have now in my possession a gun, a big one. Not the killing kind, more of the lighting kind. It's been two months or so since I bought a Nikon SB 900. But I haven't used it to it's full potential as a lighting tool the way the pro's do. I am now on getting-to-know-how-to-use-it-properly stage and reading a bunch of stuff at Strobist among others.

A few newbie attempts at this art. Flash is on Manual @ 1/16. Shutter speed @1/250, F-stop @1.8 for shallow Depth of Field. ISO 200 or around that neighborhood.

Here's a little more experimenting. The idea is from my brother, we lit the scene with a mobile phone led lamp(Nokia 5800) only. I hand-held my camera while he started moving his phone and lighting the nuts all through the ten seconds exposure. F-stop @ 16, ISO 100. Interestingly enough this is what was achieved:

9 Jun 2011

pad see ew

The stir-fried rice noodles from a Thai fast-food my wife and I tasted last month was wonderful. Although I do not know how it (the real thing) tastes like in Thailand, I decided to give it a go and cook it myself.
This is the only image I have but the family enjoyed it.

6 Jun 2011

sharjah aquarium

I have this idea in my head prior to shooting the venue. I've been there before but I did not own a DSLR then.

I wanted to shoot some images of the sun setting low in the horizon. Although it did not turn out like what I have planned(the western sky was hazy), I made some images nonetheless.

I'll be coming back and explore more of the place. You can check their website HERE and find their location thru this map.

3 Jun 2011


This is still part of the series.
Somehow I forgot to push publish. ('o')