23 Feb 2011

old school lens test

taken with 35-70mm f/3.5-4.8 Zoom Nikkor lens that came with the FE10. i placed my 50mm f1.4 on it and tried taking some shots with it.
it's a decent lens. quite sharp on my D7000. the good thing about this old lens is that when you zoom to 70mm it stays at f/3.5. :)

22 Feb 2011

strawberries, which image..

..do you prefer? the first one-photoshoped or the second one-lightroomed?

14 Feb 2011

on the grass

i am running out of photos to post.
i need to get out more often.

9 Feb 2011

phone photos

since i'm into borrowed stuff lately.
i gave a co-worker's iphone a go.

8 Feb 2011

ultra wide angle

borrowed a sigma 10-20mm from another fellow shooter. enjoyed it for a little while.

6 Feb 2011


it's my father's birthday today. he bought this Nikon FE 10 back in college for photography class. happy birthday pops!

5 Feb 2011

4 Feb 2011


it's a japanese word that means "blur" or "haze" according to Wiki.

here's my take.

2 Feb 2011

mobilephone and afternoons

this may look like it's gone through post processing but this came right out of the camera. the setup: 3-4pm sun shining down the large windows that served as the only light source and background. :)

Hello world!

Like how I always start my blogs, hello world!

Unlike my other blog, where I mostly rant, this would be all pictures with small talk and some captions of captures.

Kicking it off with a bang.