27 Jul 2011

26 Jul 2011

the dubai fountain in bokeh

try google(ing) images of the dubai fountain at the dubai mall in the world's tallest skyscaper burj khalifa, you will find that there are a lot taken in very good , well-exposed and properly composed photographs.
but here is my take on it. in bokeh.

16 Jul 2011

high up there

dimly lit restaurant UNO chicago grill at deira city centre is where these lamps hang. good thing i was shooting RAW. there is so much detail you can recover just by shooting RAW.

an exemption.

Thanks Rod for the dinner.

13 Jul 2011

cheesecake and carrot [cup] cake

what i buy outside doesn't taste half as good as these.

using the 18-200mm, on-camera flash bounce.

this was taken with the 50mm. remote flash camera right, flagged with the black foamie thing and bounced to the wall.

12 Jul 2011

strobed portrait

on her birthday, i finally got the missus to pose for some portrait using neil van niekerk's BFT (black foamie thing) on-camera bounce flash technique.

here are my favorites.

11 Jul 2011


the opposite of brownies, this is what blondies are. baked these myself. the recipe is available in the interweb.
i finally got the chance to use the DIY white bounce card i have recently made.
the lighting setup was simple. the plate was placed on a window sill and everything is just natural lighting.
i could not decide on the background so i shot it with two different colors. which one do you think is better?

on white.

on dark brown.

10 Jul 2011

dhow cruise

we went to one of those dinner on a traditional boat cruise. my 50mm was too tele for such a tight place. it is one of those times when i wish i had a faster and wider lens for such occasions. if a sudden windfall happens i would like to have the Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 IF EX DG HSM for versatility or the older Nikon 24mm f 2.8 AF-D would also be just fine.
but nonetheless, some images from my 50mm f1.4.

9 Jul 2011

caged light

i'm finding more and more that light bulbs and lamps are interesting to photograph.
i do not know why.

1 Jul 2011

plate 1

a series of food photos. i enjoy eating and taking photos. it's a good thing the restaurant the missus and i went to was ok with me taking "casual" photography. :)

buffalo chicken for starters